Ergotherapy Program

ErgoTherapy Program is a comprehensive procedures focusing on managing, monitoring and improving the health condition of employees. This program is a coordinated approach with involvement of group of professionals such as Occupational Health Doctor and specialist, Fitness trainer, Physiotherapist, psychologist, nutritionist and etc.

The overall program focuses on two measures (procedures) 

1. Promoting Healthy Lifestyles :

 to improve lifestyles and work activities that cause the onset of non-communicable disease and musculoskeletal injuries and protect them from possible future risky exposure.

2. Rehabilitation : 

to improve the health of medically ill worker and return them back to safer work activities in a coordinated and faster manner.

List of Training:

1. Postural Education
2. Pain Management
3. Repetitive Strain Injury
4. Lower Back Pain
5. And more!