Fitness & Wellness


Are you physically fit to work? Lacking of fitness will strain the body even when exposed to not so demanding work, and the body is susceptible to musculoskeletal illnesses and other health problems such as heart disease, stroke, unable to maintain energy level, etc.

Can all these problems be avoided? The answer is yes. A fit body will lead to healthy lifestyle, less susceptible to disease and a high productivity at work. U.n.i Klinik Permas Jaya provide the most efficient Fitness and Wellness program to suit organizational needs. The program will be closely monitored by doctor, physiotherapist, and nutritionist and we will measure our program success based on the parameters given.

The objectives of our Fitness & Wellness program :

1 . To improve working health, quality of working and productivity of workers in the long term.
2 . To minimize productivity loses due to employee health problems or injuries.
3 . To provide comprehensive solutions on managing, monitoring, and improving health and fitness conditions of employees.

Fitness and Wellness services :
           1.   Training and awareness
           2.   Strength and Conditioning (to prevent Musculoskeletal Injury)
           3.   Weight Management Program
           4.   Fitness Assessment (Flexibility, Muscular and Cardiorespiratory Fitness)