Psychology & Counseling


A safe work environment should not only free from physical hazards but also free from psycho social hazards. Addressing psychological issues (e.g. bullying) at workplace may help employees to overcome these concerns before they worsen and further impact upon the person’s health and hence affect work performance (e.g. absenteeism) and productivity.

Our psychology and counseling services aim to assist client in addressing mental health issues / psychosocial hazards in the workplace in a systematic manner and guide the Management to control these hazards, thereby protecting the workers.

We at U.n.i Klinik Permas Jaya provide a professional, confidential and readily accessible support service that can be catered to suit organizational needs.With proven methods, this service is an investment with financial and legislative return.

Psychology and Counseling Services : 
  1. Training and Workshop
  2. Counseling Session (Individual or Group)
  3. Psychological First Aid (PFA) Program
  4. Psychological Assessment
List Of Training : 
  1. Stress Management
  2. Psychological Occupational First Aid (POFA)
  3. Psychosocial Hazard Management And more!